Chemical Line – manufacturing and sales of chemical products

Chemical Line is a chemical company located in St. Petersburg with an affiliated company in Leningrad Oblast, as well as representative offices in Moscow and Novosibirsk.

Main business activities of the company:

1. Manufacturing of chemical products.

Chemical Line permanently manufactures more than 100 chemical products, including chemical and analytical reagents, indicators, and intermediate products for veterinary and pharmaceutical industry.

The company takes orders for production of organic compounds in quantity ranging from several grams to several tons. Both manufacturing according to customer’s methods and development of original technologies are possible. The period for order fulfilment depends on the difficulty of the technique used, the availability of raw materials, and the production plan. Temporary and permanent orders are possible.

We produce mixtures of different components according to the customers’ technical specification.

2. Importation of chemical products.

The company Chemical Line delivers imported chemical raw materials (Europe, India, China) on a by-order basis. Delivery period is 30 to 75 days. Order volume: from 1 kg up to a railway container. We place your order as soon as possible into the next delivered container; a container is sent twice a month. For details please refer to the section PRODUCTS..

3. Whole sale and retail sale of technical chemical products, reagents and indicators.

One of the priorities of Chemical Line is uninterrupted supply of Russian manufacturers and research laboratories with chemical raw materials. The warehouses of the company always have a product stock for timely and uninterrupted deliveries regardless of market situation. The products are delivered from the warehouses located in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk.

In addition to wholesale supply of chemical raw materials, the company provides its customers with reagents, indicators, solvents and products of technical chemistry in small and medium packaging.

4. Development of synthesis technologies for chemical substances, including pharmaceutical intermediates and products.

Please note that the company does not manufacture and deliver medicinal products. More information about this activity is specified in the respective section.

Purposes and objectives of the company:

  • Continuous improvement of services for customers;
  • development of other business activities;
  • personnel training and education.

Social mission

Social mission of the company includes return to production of rare and valuable chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediated and substances on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as education of young employees for future chemical industry of the country.

Chemical Line is an active participant of charitable programs providing support for disabled children, children without parental care and children in need of medical treatment. Taking part in the activities of charitable foundations, the company co-finances the purchase of medical equipment and medicinal products, the performance of expensive and life-saving operations, children’s events in the children's hospitals and orphanages, the purchase of special equipment for acoustically and visually challenged children.

Partner foundations:

  • Charitable foundation of social support “Sodeystviye – detyam”;
  • Regional charitable social organization “Solnechny Luch”;
  • Non-commercial charitable organization “Pelican-Centre”;
  • Non-commercial charitable organization Centre for creative rehabilitation “Dusha rebyonka”;
  • Social foundation “Sodeystviye”.

We look forward to working with you!

The company Chemical Line

is an active member of the Leningrad regional industrial and commercial chamber and the Association of importers and exporters.

Chemical Line provides the following services:

  • Manufacturing of chemical products;
  • Sales of imported reagents;
  • Organic synthesis on request;
  • Whole sale deliveries of chemical products;
  • Formulation of compositions of various application;
  • Development of synthesis technologies for chemical products, patent search;
  • Search for and delivery of rare chemical compounds. We provide reagents, either imported or synthetized on a by-order basis. Complex deliveries of reagents are possible upon customer’s request;
  • Manufacturing of samples of substances, including impurities of pharmaceutical substances.

Please note that the company does not produce and deliver any medicinal products and bioactive additives

You can find more information about all services in the respective sections of the website.