CAS RN 538-62-5
Synonyms S-DIPHENYLCARBAZONE; SYM-DIPHENYLCARBAZONE; PHENYLAZOFORMIC ACID 2-PHENYLHYDRAZIDE; TIMTEC-BB SBB008715; (phenylazo)-formicaci2-phenylhydrazide; phenyl-diazenecarboxylicaci2-phenylhydrazide; phenyldiazenecarboxylicacid2-phenylhydrazide.
Gross formula C13H12N4O
Assay p.a.
Packing Price Availability
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Appearance: orange powder;
Mercury ion sensitivity (II): 0,001mg in 5ml;
Mass fraction of the residue after calcination (in the form of sulfates): not more than 0.1%.

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