Custom synthesis

Co. Ltd. Chemical Line offers a custom synthesis service of organic and some inorganic compounds.

Our advantages are:

  • - Efficiency of filling of order;
  • - Equipment with different volume is available;
  • - Large quantity of chemical raw materials is on stock;
  • - Our own service of import and export materials.

We can apply both technologies of our customers and original materials and methods. We fulfil non-permanent and permanent orders.

We offer the following chemical reactions and processes:

  • - Reactions with organometallic compounds (it is possible to apply equipment with big volume);
  • - Light and selective acylation of geterocyclic compounds;
  • - Mannikh reaction;
  • - Biginelli condensation;
  • - Robinson annelation;
  • - Reduction by complex hydrides of alkali metals;
  • - Amination of geterocyclic compounds;
  • - Halogenation and dehalogenation;
  • - Formilation;
  • - Gantzsch synthesis;
  • - Syntheisi of ethers and esters;
  • And others.

Temperature limits from -150° till 400°C and pressute up to -0.1 mm Hg are available.

Confidetiality of reported and obtained information is guaranteed.